How to add HTML (links to website pages, images, multimedia, etc.)
in a Facebook Page
for free

1. Click here first to allow the app to be added to your Facebook Page/s (you will come back for the next step. You have to be logged in to Facebook). This app is free ($0).

2. Click here (you will come back for the next step) and Add it to your FB Page/s (you have to be logged in to Facebook).
If you have multiple FB pages select the ones you want to add them to. It's free.


Once you added the application to your FB Page/s, you can go to your FB Page and click on the menu item named "Website"
or in the new icon that will appear on the Apps section of the menu of your FB Page. Look for an image like this one:

You can change the image
that shows
with an image of your choice
(111px by 74px).

If you don't see this icon, try to see it among other apps you have already installed by clicking on this:

By default, the application is going to link to the website link already setup for your Facebook page.

You can then update/add HTML code by clicking on "Edit | Update displayed HTML"
at the top (only seen by Admministrators of the page).

The default name is "website". If you want to change this tab name do the following:

Click on Edit Page at the top of your Admin panel in your Facebook Page.
Then click on Edit Settings. Click on More ... (on the right). Select Apps from the drop down menu.

Select the application that says: Display links/multimedia/HTML.
Click on Edit Settings and change the Custom Tab Name.

Click then on Go to App. There, paste your HTML to display (you can also do this as stated above by going to "Edit | Update displayed HTML").

If you want to change the image used by the tab follow this instructions.

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